Comments from the Axe & Barley Super Supper part of the Gentlemen of the Road tour: 

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed all of the food, every dish was fantastic! We go to a lot of ‘farm to table’ dinners around Michigan and yours was the best we have been to.”
Peter Stephens

“Deciding to enroll at Liaison College South Coast was the best decision I have ever made! Because of the small, intimate class size, you really get the hands-on training from Chef Tracy and Chef Laurie that would not be available at another institution. They will prepare you to be the best Chef you can be. With tons of opportunities to participate in food shows and a “Chef of the Day” luncheon every week, you truly get the experience necessary to be a successful Chef. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the program!”
Candice Buryta – Honours Graduate of Chef de Cuisine

“Before I went to Liaison College, I liked cooking and tried to experiment with food and flavors but had little success. After attending Liaison College South Coast I now have a passion for food, I love it, and am always looking for new things I can do to get more experience and make others get a taste of what I love to do.
Receiving hands on training from a local, passionate, Red Seal professional, Chef Tracy gave me the training ground for many years to come and instilled in me my own passion for food.

At Liaison College I truly got to experience their motto of ‘Feed Your Passion’.
I waited for Chef Tracy to open a school for the Culinary Arts; as soon as she did, I got on board. It was a great experience, one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
I will never forget Chef Tracy’s favourite words and a very valuable lesson: Mise en Place which means to put everything in place. I’ll also never forget the Flavour Flav: which is the key in all recipes.”
Kevin Nugteren – Graduate of Chef de Cuisine

“The thought of returning to school to realize a lifelong dream was daunting, especially for a person who is over 50 years old and working in the manufacturing sector.

For so many reasons, this decision was one of the most positive that I have made. First and foremost, the staff and faculty are approachable and are very current in their knowledge and trends! Class sizes are very small, enabling students to garner important “hands-on” experience, and one-on-one interaction. Taking the classes in an actual restaurant was also very helpful, as some of the students had never worked in a food service facility, and it offered a valuable peak into what we were getting into!

After graduation, I am still being offered the opportunity to return to the campus to participate in workshops and special interest classes, free of charge, in order to keep our culinary education up-to-date and exciting."

They were also very helpful in helping me to find a job in the highly competitive culinary industry that was right for me!”
Nancy Farrell – Honours Graduate of Chef de Cuisine, Awarded the Mercer Tool Scholarship
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