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Liaison Southcoast

The Brantford Expositor/Simcoe Reformer

Tracy Winkworth has taken her farm background and respect for good, responsibly produced local food, and combined it with her passion for food preparation to create a hugely successful career as a skilled chef and teacher...

The Tillsonburg News

Tracy Winkworth will again be donating her time and considerable energy to the Tillsonburg Resource Network’s Cooking With The Box seminar series...

The Simcoe Reformer

The Belworth House and Liaison College South Coast students in Waterford have taken over operation of the Veggie Shack. The shack, owned by Rita and Wolfgang Frank, opened last week on Cockshutt Road near Waterford under the direction of chef Tracy Winkworth and her students...

The Silo

In an ever changing world that we live in, Liaison College offers the first (if not only) Culinary courses in the Southern Ontario area. Under the direction of Chef Tracy Winkworth, Owner, Red Seal Chef & Instructor whom has so many credits to her name, it is hard to list them all...

SNAPD Haldimand-Norfolk

Liaison College South Coast held their first “Chef of the Day” lunch in Waterford. There was a full house of guests – and full stomachs – at the end of the event! Each week one of their students is given the chance to be the ‘Executive Chef’ where they plan, prepare and execute a delicious meal...

Simcoe Reformer

Students at the Liaison College South Coast campus are nearing the end of their first semester. The private career college operating out of the Belworth House in Waterford opened in the fall. Owner and instructor Tracy Winkworth is a Red Seal Chef and teaches her students classic French techniques.

Brantford Expositor

When Gabrielle Lewis heard that lava cakes were on the menu, she couldn't wait to get to work on the oozing concoction of chocolate cake and pudding. "Baking is my specialty," said the Grade 11 student at W. Ross Macdonald School, "especially cakes."Lewis was one of six visually impaired students who spent Thursday morning preparing a gourmet meal at The Belworth House in Waterford...

Simcoe Reformer

Parents at Waterford Public School learned how to make quick nutritious meals during a cooking seminar led by chef Tracy Winkworth on Wednesday. The seminar was held during a carnival at the school by the parent council to raise money for the school’s nutrition program...

Simcoe Reformer

When Andy Abram drives down the road and hears the whistle of someone’s brakes, his reaction is immediate. He feels the urge to slam his vehicle to a stop and dive into the nearest ditch. Abram is a veteran of the Afghanistan conflict, an experience that has never really left him. The 49-year-old didn’t see direct action. He was unarmed and was there with a private contractor doing what he calls “logistics.”

The Silo

Beginning with the simple hankering for favorite savories or sweets, you find yourself skimming through a cook book that has been used so many times over, finger prints of batter and butter crisp the pages.

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